Who are we?

E-Bugs, the restoration of insects for human consumption.
Insects are consumed worldwide since the beginning of mankind for their taste and nutritional quality. Share this heritage!

What is E-Bugs?
Why E-Bugs?
For whom?

E-Bugs is questioning our vision of consumption. Imagine a world where human beings are not satisfied anymore with the known gastronomic resources, but rather where they explores new flavors and textures for the pleasure of the senses.

"Cooking is like love, you have to taste a bit of everything to know what is good"
Lili Gulliver

For their high-proteins and low fat contend

Cricket: 96kcal per serving
Beef: 285kcal per serving
Quantity of proteins and fat in 100gr of beef and various type of insects
Food Proteins (gr) Fat (gr)
Beef 45-55 40-57
Grasshoppers 61-77 4-17
Caterpillar 15-60 7-77
Beetle grubs 21-54 18-52
"Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happyness"
Théodore Zeldin
"If you are not capable of some witchcraft,
it does not worth to get involved in cooking"

For their outstanding nutritional value

Food Vit. B1(mg) Vit. B2(mg) Vit. B3(mg)
Recommended daily intake 1.5 1.7 20
Roasted chicken 0.08 0 9
Cooked green beans 0.16 0 0.60
Grasshoppers 0.13 1.15 9.54
Caterpillar 3.37 1.91 5.20
Beetle grubs 3.02 2.24 7.78

For the low ecological footprint of their livestock

"The discovery of a new delicacy brings more to mankind than the discovery of a new star"
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
"The real discovery of travel is not about looking for new landscape but about having some new eyes"
Marcel Proust

For their high conversion rate

10kg of food gives :









For our future

By 2050, There will be 9 billion inhabitants on earth. The global meat production will have to double. Nowadays, livestock covers 70% of the total agricultural surface, which corresponds to 30% of the total surface or our planet. It’s simple, if we continue down that path, we’ll run out of space!

Together, we can consider a different future for our planet.
A future where insect consumption is not seen anymore as a question but rather as obvious.

The production and consumption of insects must evolve to be more integrated in the mindset and culture if we want to be able to fulfill the needs for food and proteins of 9 billion people.

It’s a natural product beneficial to health and the environment.

E-Bugs will provide you a fine quality raw material with which you will be able to let your culinary creativity taking over. Travel back in time and space by breaking the gastronomic and cultural barriers!

For you, for us!

"Never question the bravery of the French; they are the ones that discovered that snails were edible."
Doug Larson



Acheta Domestica (latin)

Edible insects dehydrated ready to eat or to add into your recipes

Criquet Flour

Acheta Domestica (latin)

Edible insects dehydrated and reduced to a powder ready to eat or to add into your preparations

Our insects have undergone thermal treatment and no preparation conditions are required before consumption

About us

E-Bugs aims to promote the consumption of insects in western countries by offering products adapted to the western mindset, culture and standards. The quality of our products is our main concern. We have the vision that insect consumption will enter in the western culture and we want to share it with you.


For the taste : some crispiness, some hazelnut, some undergrowth, some sweetness, some structure, some perfume, some crunchy… Grilled, fried, marinated, or ready to bite, it can be added to a wide variety of recipe. Give free rein to your imagination! Here are a few ideas to start with :

Grasshopper & Guacamole Tostadas

video in English

Grasshopper & Guacamole Tostadas

video in english

Recipes FAO

FAO's recipes in French

Recipes FAO

FAO's recipes in French

Insects are food

Recipes in English

Insects are food

Recipes in English

Cricket flour pancakes and waffles

breackfast recipes in English

Cricket flour pancakes and waffles

breackfast recipes in English


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